The Bay of Quinte: Be More. Do More. Live More.

Escape Anonymity: Grow your Company in a Community-Focused Location and Achieve Bigger Impact.

1. BE MORE: Companies in the Bay of Quinte get more attention from three levels of economic development support because the jobs you create have a huge impact on our community.

2. DO MORE: You’ll notice business space and overhead costs are less than other high tech centres so you can maximize investment without compromising on quality or convenience.

3. LIVE MORE: Best of all, enjoy big-city amenities to keep your company competitive and discover a sense of belonging unique to smaller communities.


Better Business Support Lets You Do More in the Bay of Quinte

Want to innovate high tech solutions and work in a hub of successful industry leaders in aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, logistics and packaging? Get connected to the support you need to succeed: a thriving, talented workforce, targeted networking, and support services vital to your company –

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Quinte Business Development Centre

The Quinte Business Development Centre is a partnership of municipal, provincial and federally supported, not-for-profit organizations that support the start-up and development of business in the Quinte area. For the convenience of our clients it provides one-stop shopping for business related inquiries and support at our shared facilities in the Pioneer Building, Loyalist College at 284B Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville.

Quinte Economic Development Commission

Manufacturing Resource Centre


Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre


Small Business Centre

Bay of Quinte Region

Vibrant Communities:  Live More in the Bay of Quinte

Bustling main streets, diverse communities and breathtaking scenery in the Bay of Quinte lets you make your life exactly what you want it to be. Short commutes to work and play means you get your work done faster so you can spend more time with your family, friends and hobbies. Plus, dream homes are more affordable and in safer neighbourhoods while still being close to good schools.

Success Stories

Meet the people who are already succeeding in the Bay of Quinte Region. 

Quinte Business Podcasts

The Company Growth Podcast was started by eastern Ontario business and Quinte Economic Development’s content partner Tangible Words, right at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, to share inspirational stories of companies who faced tough odds and perilous struggles and not only kept their companies afloat but went on to experience massive growth and success.
View the Quinte Business PodcastsCase Study

Barn Owl Malt

Devin and Leslie Huffman identified a missing link in the craft beer supply chain – there were no locally-grown grain options for malt. Located in Belleville, Barn Own Malt is situated near their grain suppliers in Bay of Quinte, Kingston, Ottawa, and Prince Edward County, and directly supplies craft brewers in Ontario with floor-processed traditional malt. 
View the Barn Owl MaltCase Study

Greetham Industrial Services

With a 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Brighton, Greetham Industrial Services applies protective coatings to large equipment, such as silos or incinerator stacks. 
View the Greetham Industrial ServicesCase Study

Hannafin Industrial Controls Inc.

Hannafin Automation and Industrial Controls Inc.’s high tech services are in demand, due to the thriving manufacturing cluster in the Bay in Quinte. In addition to being able to easily visit customer’s on-site within an hour, owners and employees of Hannafin Automation enjoy the community vibrancy, lack of congestion, and family-friendly atmosphere of Belleville.
View the Hannafin Industrial Controls Inc.Case Study

NOD Apiary Products

After developing an innovative solution to mites threatening bee populations, which in turn threaten many crops, NOD Apiary Products was looking to grow into international markets. The Eastern Ontario Development Program and the Southern Ontario Forum for Investment in Innovation funding that NOD received as a Bay of Quinte business was key to supporting its mission of global food security.
View the NOD Apiary ProductsCase Study

Sprague Foods

Sprague Foods uses innovative manufacturing technology in the Bay of Quinte to bring more Canadian-farmed food to Ontario grocery stores. There is an increased demand for high-quality, local, organic food products, and Sprague is growing, sourcing more local products and employing more people in the region. As a fourth-generation family-owned business, Belleville is Sprague’s home town, which has advanced to support manufacturing.
View the Sprague FoodsCase Study

Machining Center

The Machining Center has spent over 30 years helping other businesses in the Bay of Quinte succeed. Owner, Dick Wolters, takes pride in showcasing the business’s CNC, manual machining, design, and engineering services, which are all put to good use, keeping other business in the region going and helping them solve problems.
View the Machining CenterCase Study

Rillea Tech

CEO Lisa Hallsworth and COO Rob Hallsworth initially chose the Bay of Quinte for their business Rillea Tech as an affordable location to raise their family, but quickly discovered it was an excellent ecosystem for high-tech business. As an app developer, Rillea Tech needed early adopters to beta test their product, which they found in spades, right in the region, with the help of the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC).
View the Rillea TechCase Study

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